Monday, June 4, 2007

Make me a Celebrity Help/FAQ

Make me a Celebrity (MMAC) is currently in Beta and we are making changes almost every day. We want to make it more fun and as you know there is a lot that we can do. We will be adding and removing features as we try to get it right. We really don't know what we are doing and this is an original game, so we will definitely screw things up along the way. We hope that you will bear with us and provide us with CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. We are trying to build the best game possible and we can't do it without your help.

If you are a new user looking for information check out the FAQs below.

For help, first check the FAQs below or the Make me a Celebrity Forums by clicking the "Forums" link at the top of the application. It's very likely that your question has already been answered or that there is someone online now that can answer your question faster than we can. We are thankful to have a few volunteer celebrities that help to answer questions quickly.

If you try the Forums and don't get your question answered, you can try to contact us directly by clicking "Contact" or "Help" links at the bottom of the application. If you click "Help" you also need to click on "Mesmo TV" or "Make me a Celebrity" under "Applications by External Developers". Please use the help form as it provides us with information that we need to respond quickly.

Hackers and Cheaters
We are aware that there are hackers and cheaters on some of the games. Hackers and cheaters will continue to be banned from the application. It's unfortunate that we need to spend our limited time on this. If you think someone is cheating or you find an exploit please report it to us immediately by clicking here.

Inappropriate Behavior
We have received a few complaints of inappropriate behavior in the chat rooms and poker tables. We have already banned a few members and will continue to do so. We do not tolerate the use of any sexual or inappropriate language including attacks on any individual. If you would like to report someone in the chat room please click on "View Celebrity Profile", copy the URL, click here and paste the URL and a description of the inappropriate behavior. If you would like to report someone in the poker rooms, exit the room to the lobby, highlight the room you were just in and click "Players" in the lower left corner, click here and provide us with the full name of the user and a description of the inappropriate behavior.

We Need Help!
Its just four of us here and unfortunately we're working on a very tight budget to try and keep things running for as long as we can. We are looking for passionate celebrities that might be interested in volunteering to help us to improve the game and answer support emails. We have a long list of content-related things that we could use help with including approving drafting fun Gig completion messages, adding items for The Mall and answering support emails. If you have a passion for the game and some time to help we could use it. Unfortunately, all we can provide at the moment is recognition and direct access to us for your ideas and feedback. Click here to send us a note and please include your current level (all levels are welcome).

What Are You Guys Doing?
We are working on refining the Celebrity Entourage that we just released. We are also working to resolve a couple of issues:

  • We are aware that it takes a lot of time to level-up at higher-levels. We just introduced new ways for you to earn points including the Celebrity Entourage and Awards. Over the last few weeks we have introduced Bonus Games worth up to 5x the points, Game Challenges worth 4-5x the points, added points for winning Celebrity Faceoffs and there is still more to come. Bear with us.
  • We are trying to figure out a way to let you know your relative status beyond your level and an endless leader board that you have to page through. We also don't think that a rank (i.e. 1,453,798 of 9,874,231 moving up to 1,453,797 of 9,874,231) is that interesting. Unfortunately, even that solution is not a technically easy problem to solve. If anyone has seen something in another game that worked well, please let us know by clicking here.


Get your questions answered live on Monday, 10/13 at 6pm Pacific Time!
Davin Miyoshi (from Mesmo TV) and Linda Desautels (The Top Celebrity) will be on The eSizzle Show on online radio on Monday, 10/13 from 6 to 6:30pm Pacific Time. Call-in or use chat to ask your Make me a Celebrity questions! Is there a question that you've been dying to know the answer to? Now is your chance to ask it live!

For more information, click here or visit

We look forward to talking to you on Monday!

Road trip to Vegas! Jump in your new cars and planes and lets go to Vegas! We are launching Multi-player No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker. As always, let us know what you think in the forums. Now go win some money!

Casino Solitaire is back! We fixed the exploit. Let us know what you think in the forums. We will be monitoring the activity closely.

We are not perfect! Due to an exploit in the Solitaire casino game, many people unfairly made a lot of money. Unfortunately, we had to roll back the winnings for all users that played it (not just those that exploited it). Our sincere apologies.

If you feel the adjustments we made were incorrect please send us a note by clicking here Please include the amount that you started with prior to playing Solitaire and any amounts that you believe that you are owed.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Temporarily disabled earning Celebrity Points from quizzes. Due to excessive cheating around the creation of bogus quizzes we are temporarily disabling quizzes as a way to earn extra points. Until we have a solution to prevent this it will remain disabled. We hate to take features away but this kind of cheating makes it unfair for users that play fair. We'll keep you posted.

What music does your celebrity listen to? You can now add music to your celebrity profile. Visit your profile, There is a bug where you need to scroll up after clicking "Add a Song".

  • Game challenges now expire after a week. When they expire you get double points for your score. (Note: expired challenges do not count for awards)
  • People near your ability who have recently played are suggested for game challenges.
  • Your Top Entourage (formerly called non-friend entourage) is now uncapped!
  • Your Top Entourage can contain friends and non-friends but only 20 by default.
  • You can add more then 20 people to your Top Entourage by upgrading your account
  • The amount you contribute to your fellow Top Entourage members is based on your hotness
Show us your celebrity personality! You can now add a background image and change the color of your MMAC profile.

You look...different. We've updated your profile layout. Let us know what you think.

  • Receive Celebrity News on your phone and through facebook notifications.
  • We are working with 4INFO to provide Celebrity News directly to your phone. Standard SMS rates apply. You can sign up on the Celebrity Entourage page (
  • You can also receive Celebrity Entourage and News updates once a day via facebook notifications. You can opt-out of the notifications when you first create your Celebrity Entourage or by clicking "unsubscribe" on the notification. As always let us know what you think in the Forums.

  • New ways to earn Celebrity Points!
  • Each time you win an Award you now earn Celebrity Points. The Celebrity Points increase with each set that you complete.
  • Your Celebrity Entourage now earns you Celebrity Points. It now pays to know Brad Pitt and Paris Hilton!
  • The Forum looks...different Its not pretty (yet) and its certainly not as good as it could be but hopefully the categorization helps a little. It is the best we could do for now. A special thanks to Sara Scott and the "Alternate MMAC Forum" crew for inspiring us to improve it.
  • Dump your friends. You can now remove Facebook friends from your Entourage.

ADD REAL CELEBRITIES TO YOUR ENTOURAGE! Do you want to add Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer, Tom Cruise and other celebrities to your Entourage? Go ahead!

You score Gossip Points when a celebrity in your Entourage appears in the news. Gossip Points now convert into Celebrity Points. Please let us know what you think and how we can improve this feature in the Forums.

  • You've won an award! We've recently added Awards to your profile. If you complete the items described by the Award you will receive it at the end of each day. Complete the set and you'll unlock another set of Awards. You don't get credit for activities that occur before you unlock a set of Awards.
  • The Gigs page has a new look! We've taken another cut at the Gigs page. As always, let us know what you think in the Forums.

New Gigs! (and removed Careers) We've added a number of new Gigs at all levels. Many of the new Gigs payout more points and cash so you can move up faster. In order to accommodate the new Gigs we moved and removed a few of the old Gigs. We are also merging Careers and Gigs to make room for fun new features that we will be launching early next week. Careers only paid the equivalent of one Gig per day anyways. If you invested in requirements they will be included as requirements for Gigs at higher-levels so your investment will not be wasted. Also some of the Careers have been moved to the Gigs. As always, let us know what you think in the Forums.

Added the ability to challenge any friend to any game.

  • Added give up buttons to a couple of the games.
  • Enhanced the gigs interface (more improvements coming)
  • Added promotions (these should be fun)

  • You can now select your favorite items to be highlighted on your MMAC profile.
  • The new games now payout more points and cash.
  • Game Challenges are now worth twice as much to the winner (double your combined scores).

Lots of changes! As always let us know what you think in the Forum.
  • Put MMAC on your Facebook profile! We've added a "Mesmo TV Application Tab" that is available for users of the new Facebook profile. To add one, from your Facebook profile click on the "+ Add an Application Tab" and select Mesmo TV.
  • New games! Many new games unlock as you level up. The cash and points given may be low to start but we will increase them as high scores are established and we have a better sense for the scoring.
  • Gigs and games pay out more points! Many of the gigs at higher levels require less energy and payout many more Celebrity Points than they used to. The games also payout more Celebrity Points at higher levels. This should help you to move up much faster at higher levels without needing to play the “add me” game.
  • You might be a little hotter! We've updated the hotness formula for all items. Items that cost more now have more hotness. 100 jeans worth $100 shouldn't have the same hotness as a vacation in India for $10,000.
  • Celebrity points that you earn from your entourage are capped by level. You won’t lose any Celebrity Points that you’ve already earned but from this point forward you will not earn unlimited Celebrity Points from your entourage. As you level up you will earn more Celebrity Points from your entourage but it will remain capped. You will earn additional Celebrity Points from people that you have already added to your entourage as you increase levels. The benefit from playing the “add me” game is now capped and it should be more fair for those that don’t want to add strangers to their Facebook friends.
  • Invites are back! Unfortunately, due to Facebook’s new policies we can’t give you cash or energy for sending invites. We are working with Facebook to figure out what we can offer.
  • We also have a few new features that we are going to make available exclusively to our top celebrities over the next couple weeks. Stay tuned…

  1. What is Make me a Celebrity?
    Make me a Celebrity is a fun new role playing game where you start as a starving artist and try to become a top celebrity by taking Gigs, buying fun toys in the Mall, Challenging other celebrities, playing Games, and Going Out, meeting other celebrities and growing your Entourage.

    You move up in status (or increase levels) by earning Celebrity Points (). Currently you can earn Celebrity Points by taking Gigs, winning challenges in the Celebrity Faceoff and playing Games. At Level 20, celebrities can also earn Celebrity Points by having Facebook friends and 20 Non-Friends with high Celebrity Points in their Entourage. Lower-level Celebrities do not earn Celebrity Points from their Entourage. There is a cap on the Celebrity Points that you can earn from your Entourage. The unlimited Facebook friends in your Entourage is subject to change. We will be adding additional ways to earn Celebrity Points in the coming weeks.

  2. What does hotness () do and how do I get hot?
    You increase your Hotness by buying items with high Hotness levels in The Mall. A higher Hotness level currently helps you to win challenges in the Celebrity Faceoff and to add higher-level non-friend celebrities to your Entourage (this feature is only available to Level 20 and higher celebrities). Hotness will continue to be a key factor in future features. People will also be able to see that you are HOT. Now go shopping and make yourself hotter!

  3. How can I increase my Energy Capacity?
    You can increase your Energy Capacity by taking offers or purchasing Upgrade Points with a credit card, PayPal or your mobile phone by visiting this page:

    Your energy will recharge every 5 minutes.

  4. How are the "+ Celebrity Points" ( +) calculated?
    Level 20 and higher celebrities can earn Celebrity Points by having Facebook friends and 20 Non-Friends with high "+ Celebrity Points" in their Entourage. "+ Celebrity Points" are calculated from the Celebrity Points that the individual earned directly. Celebrity Points earned from a person's Entourage are not included in the "+ Celebrity Points" that they transfer to you. The Celebrity Points that your Entourage can contribute is capped by level. As you climb levels you will earn more Celebrity Points from your Entourage. If you add someone to your Entourage after you've reached the cap you will still earn the Celebrity Points after you level-up.

  5. I can't Go Out or Add Non-Friends to my Entourage, why?
    Going Out and adding Non-Friends to your Entourage are only available to Level 20 and higher celebrities. You need to work your way up before you can have a following outside of your facebook friends.

  6. If I add people to my Entourage after I've reached the maximum number of points do I get their points once I reach a higher level?

  7. Many friends that I invited are playing MMAC but only some of them are in my Entourage, what's going on?
    After you send a Mesmo TV invitation to a friend, as soon as they visit MMAC they will be added to your Entourage. They need to visit MMAC though. You can "remind" using the link on the "Friends Not Accepted" tab.

  8. I completed an offer/survey for Upgrade Points and I never received it, where is it?
    The offers are powered by Offerpal Media so we don't have direct insight into which ones you have completed and why you haven't received your Upgrade Points. For help, on the Offer Page click "View Offer Status" and follow the instructions. Please contact us directly if Offerpal Media does not respond to your support request or if you've had a negative experience with any of the offers by clicking here

  9. I paid for Upgrade Points using PayPal, where are they?
    If you paid via an eCheck you will receive your upgrade points when the eCheck clears and we receive the payment. This can take up to four business days. You can check the status of your eCheck by logging in to your account on PayPal ( and clicking “Payments Sent” from the “Overview” page. If your payment has “Cleared or Completed” and you still have not received your Upgrade Points please let us know. To receive your Upgrade Points immediately, you should use a credit card or instant payment through PayPal.

    If you do not receive your Upgrade Points click here and send us a note. Be sure to include the email address that you used and the date of your purchase.

  10. I can't play the flash games or they freeze up, what do I do?
    You may need to update your Adobe Flash Player to the most recent version. It's free and can be downloaded here: If the games freeze temporarily or run slowly, you may need to close other applications. If you haven't restarted your computer in a while you may want to do it to start fresh. Poor computer performance can slow down or freeze the games.

  11. I just played a game and I didn't receive the Cash or Celebrity Points, why?
    Sometimes when you have a bad Internet connection (especially when using wireless or dial-up) your score may not save properly. Unfortunately, you can't replay bonus games for the Cash or Celebrity Points. You will still receive the normal points for the gig but you just won't get the bonus points. There are a few things that you can try that might help next time:
    1. Restart your browser.
    2. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Adobe Flash Player. It's free and can be downloaded here:
    If this happens every time you play a game please let us know.

  12. How do I pause the games?
    You can pause the games by clicking the "?"

  13. Why do I need the 1994 BMW 3 Series Convertible, cell phone or scooter when I already have a nicer car, cellphone, or scooter?
    Unfortunately we didn't build it to work that way initially and its not an easy problem to solve technically. We'll figure out a solution but in the meantime just think of it as needing a specific item to fulfill a job requirement.

  14. Why can't I get into the chat rooms?
    Our chat rooms are powered by Meebo so we have limited controls. Meebo may block access if your Celebrity Name is inappropriate or contains characters (!@#*). Also if your name is too short (i.e. Toni). Try changing your Celebrity Name to a first and last name and see if it helps. If you are still having problems send us a note and let us know what message you are seeing.