Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mesmo.TV launches the first social video discovery platform for shows and videos on TV and online

I wanted to share the exciting news. We are not issuing a formal press release but we are reaching out to the media with the following information:

Mesmo.TV (http://mesmo.tv) just launched the first site that lets you discover, collect, watch and share shows (TV shows and online shows/podcasts) and videos (from almost any website) with friends. Mesmo.TV is also launching an application on the Facebook® Platform (http://apps.facebook.com/mesmotv/) that lets you see the favorite shows and videos across all of your friends.

There are millions of shows and videos available across thousands of websites and hundreds of TV channels and they are growing exponentially. The shows and videos range in quality from user-generated content to high-quality pieces produced by branded media companies and span a wide-range of topics and interests. Unfortunately, Internet and TV users have limited tools to find shows and videos that match their interests and tastes and are forced to waste time using ineffective search technologies, browsing multiple websites and channel surfing their TV.

Similar to music discovery, search will not dominate video discovery. Video search technologies cannot match videos with a user’s tastes. Two people can view the same video and form completely different opinions based on their tastes. Videos also cannot be skimmed or quickly reviewed by a user to determine whether it matches their tastes. Even a small number of search results could result in a large amount of time wasted watching videos.

A June 2007 study from Kelton Research quantifies these problems. There are approximately 126 million people in the US that view online videos each month and a majority of them are dissatisfied with their video experience online. 96 percent of Americans cannot find the videos they are looking for when initially conducting a search for specific content and, 45 percent of people only view videos when they are recommended by a friend or colleague.

Mesmo.TV addresses these problems by leveraging a social video discovery platform that aggregates, organizes and filters shows and videos from the TV and across the Internet. Mesmo.TV then enables people to browse recommended shows and videos from friends and makes personalized video recommendations based on a user’s explicit and implicit interests and tastes.

With Mesmo.TV you can:

  • Browse your friends’ favorite videos in a unique aggregated interface (http://mesmo.tv/people.htm?sortBy=Most_Active&categoryId=-1&reqType=browsePeopleAndVideos);

  • See what videos your friends are watching on Mesmo.TV and across the Internet (http://www.mesmo.tv/shareProfile.htm?userProfileId=18);

  • Watch embedded videos including video podcasts and videos from YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo, Dailymotion, MetaCafe and many other popular video sites;

  • Link directly to and watch full episodes of TV shows from the major television networks;

  • Link to almost any video from almost any website;

  • Rate, save, share, discuss and review your favorite videos from any website using our browser bookmarklet (http://mesmo.tv/tools.htm);

  • Create custom channels or play lists of videos from almost any website;

  • Create channels from any video RSS feed including from podcasts, video sites or blogs with embedded videos (http://mesmo.tv/addVideos.htm);

  • Create channels from a users' uploaded or favorite videos or a tag-based search on YouTube or Dailymotion;

  • Subscribe to channels and receive new videos as they are added to the channels;

  • Search for shows and videos on YouTube and across the Internet (powered by Truveo); and

  • Find people with similar video interests and tastes.

Mesmo.TV’s application on the Facebook Platform includes most of the features above and also includes a full database of TV shows that will be included on www.mesmo.tv in the coming weeks.

Mesmo.TV is supported by advisors including Ben Smith, CEO and Founder of MerchantCircle and Spoke Software; Munjal Shah, CEO and Founder of Like/Riya; Auren Hoffman, CEO and Founder of Rapleaf; and Cindy McCaffrey, Former VP of Marketing at Google.

Below are screen shots of our application on the Facebook Platform:

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