Monday, July 9, 2007

Updates to the Front and Back of the House

Its been a few weeks since we opened up the site to friends and family and things are working well. Thank you for all of the positive and constructive feedback. Please keep the feedback coming, we are building the site for YOU.

Over the last couple weeks we've been incredibly busy. Based on feedback from many people, we redesigned the home page. We heard that the old home page did not clearly communicate our differentiation from YouTube. We simplified the message to focus on our core value proposition and differentiation. With Mesmo.TV you can see the favorite shows and videos your friends are watching on ANY website, not just YouTube.

Using the MESMO-RIZE bookmark you can rate, save and share any video on any website while you are watching the video. Adding it to your browser is as easy as bookmarking a website.

We've also been busy moving to a new data center and a highly-scalable infrastructure. This new set-up should support our viral growth and the heavy loads that we are hoping for when we formally announce our launch in the very near future.

Finally, we've been working on a very cool application that we will be launching along with our outreach to the media. Stay tuned!

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